The Rifle and Pistol Club of Fort Dodge was established in 1959 and maintains a shooting range for member’s use.  The indoor range is located in the basement of 300  S 13th Street, Fort Dodge.  It offers ten firing stations at a range of fifty feet.

The club sells firearms, ammunition and reloading components to members at a discounted price.  Members must have a valid annual permit to purchase or permit to carry issued by their local sheriffs department and show it to the Quartermaster to purchase firearms or ammunition from the Club Store.  Monthly Club meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month and a newsletter is published monthly to keep members informed of events.

Membership dues are $120 per year.  Senior memberships are $80 (senior memberships begin at the age of 65).  Spouse Membership $30 (for League Participation and or individual keys for spouse).  Membership in the National Rifle Association is required.  The Rifle & Pistol Club of Fort Dodge is incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa.

For more information the club email address is [email protected]