Members must carry their membership card or cardkey and be able to present it on request while on the range.  This is to ensure that unauthorized people do not use the range.  Use of the club’s facilities is for dues paying members only.  Members will not loan or make copies of their card key.  Spouses and /or children of club members cannot use the ranges without the club member being present.  Club members are responsible for the conduct of their spouse, children and guests.  Hearing and eye protection is required.

Club member’s children over the age of 21 or other persons over the age of 21 may be a guest and use the club’s facilities once per year.  After this, they must pay their dues and become a club member to continue uses of the club’s ranges.

Keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you are on target.  Be sure of your backstop.  All firearms must be cased or have their actions opened except on the firing line.  No loaded firearms are permitted in the clubroom.  Be aware of the direction your muzzle is pointing at all times.  Normal safe gun handling practices are mandatory.

Drawing a firearm from a holster is prohibited.

A member must approach and receive permission from the club board prior to bringing in a group such as the Boy Scouts, Hunter Safety Class, etc.  Guidelines will then be provided.

Families will use only one firing position when the range is crowded.

Shooters are responsible for cleaning up the ranges following completion of shooting.

Ranges are reserved for scheduled matches and cannot be used for other purposes when a match is being prepared or conducted.

Club rules require that a club member be on the range when anyone under the age of 21 shoots a rifle.  A club member with parental consent is required to be on the range when anyone under the age of 21 shoots a handgun.  Minimum age for club membership is 21 years of age.

Violation of club rules will not be permitted and may result in termination of the member’s privileges as a club member.  Each member is responsible to point out (to other members) range rule violations as they occur.

Alcohol and powder do not mix.  Shoot-then relax.

This is your club.  Treat the ranges as you would your own property.  Use common sense and shoot safely.

When people are down range at the indoor range firearms are to be grounded (NOT HANDLED) with an open chamber and ECI (empty chamber indicator) .

All club members must have a valid permit to purchase or permit to carry issued by their local sheriff’s department and show it to the Quartermaster to purchase firearms from the Club Store.

Indoor Range Rules

No center fire rifles, shotguns, black powder firearms, magnum handgun loads or prohibited calibers are to be fired on the indoor range.  Prohibited calibers will be listed on the wall at the range.  Magnum handguns may be used only with lighter loads.  Example: if you have a .357 Magnum, shoot .38 Specials in it.

Targets must be at least 7 yards from the firing line.  To ensure your bullet is caught in the backstop, when shooting at targets not against the backstop, targets MUST BE HUNG AT SHOULDER HEIGHT OF THE SHOOTER.  Do not shoot the walls, ceiling, floor or center posts.  Use only paper targets.  No other types of targets are allowed except with board approval.

Turn off all lights, exhaust fan, line timer and lock the door when leaving the range.

Each shooter is responsible for cleaning up the range.  Brass must be swept up each and every time you fire on the range.  Place brass in the proper barrel and trash in the appropriate receptacle.  Leave the range cleaner then you found it.  Members will be assessed cost of repairs of damage to the range from irresponsible shooting.

When not being fired all firearms must be cased or have their actions open with empty chamber indicator.